Lowerhouse Mile History
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Lowerhouse Mile History

Lowerhouse Mile

About the Lowerhouse Mile
This website is for anyone interested in the local history of the Lowerhouse Lane area, it contains an assortment of media types, including copies of documents, news papers, old photographs, images and videos etc; all depicting historical information about the local area, its people, and events that took place in Lowerhouse over the past two centuries. Much of the information displayed on the website has been researched through Internet searches and digital library sources, which have then been sorted, collated and checked for accuracy where possible.

Reason for the Lowerhouse Mile Website
The idea of designing, creating, and building this website to hold and display historical information about Lowerhouse Lane, and then putting it up for everyone to view, came about through chatting with friends and neighbours around the local area. As a local resident myself, nearly everyone I spoke to had a good deal of pride and interest not only for the locality itself, but also for the history of the people and communities of the past, who lived here in previous decades and centuries.

It became apparent to me that there was a local demand and curiosity about past history of the area within the local community, so therefore it seemed that an easy to access resource holding such historical information for local people to view and enjoy at their leisure would be of interest.

Lowerhouse Mile Project
Now retired and with some spare time available to carry out general research into the history of Lowerhouse, it became obvious to me that a website would be the logical answer to meeting what I perceived to be a local demand for such a project. The project was embarked upon purely to try and retain my own sanity and keep me from under my wifes feet, so I hope it will be of interest to anyone living locally who may also have a curiosity about the history of the area of Lowerhouse Lane like myself.

I would like it to become a community project if possible, so should anyone have any information they would be willing to add to the current content, or be able to correct anything currently displayed, please feel free to contact me via the 'Contact' page of the website with their feedback, or any suggestions as to what topics could be added to improve it overall, I would be most grateful.

Best Regards
Paul T. Carrington - local resident.